1. Crack Baby (Feat. Gav Yung)

2. Hello (Feat. Ostradamas)

3. Fair Game (Feat. S-Class Sonny)

4. Drop (Feat. Reese Da General)

5. Get Out The Way (Feat. A1 & J. Rob)

6. Marijuana (Feat. BMW Boyz)

7. Get Paid (Feat. Goddiot Da General)

8. Finnesser (Feat. Sheddy & Tory Lanez)

9. Emergency (Feat. Cheezy & Young Swagg)

10. I’m Ballin’ (Feat. Jada Dolla, Speedy & Lil Jim)

11. ScarfoTesta (Feat. Tha Kidd)

12. Say You Real (Feat. Willie The Kid)

13. 31 Flavors (Feat. Lonnie Mac & Tru Wealth)

14. Glamor (Feat. Jumbo)

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