After watching the social networking sites yesterday I couldn’t help, but take the time out of my day today to bring some things to light for our youth and for our people. I was disgusted and ashamed of SOME young black adults yesterday and their comments on the Troy Davis execution. Granted no one is a civil rights acitivist or politician, but it surprised me how many young black adults don’t have common sense.

Where do I start. I saw so many people making comments like “No one really cares what’s going to happen.”, ” People are just talking about this because everyone else is.”, “We won’t care tommorow.” etc. Really? The fact that young black adults think that other young black adults who are showing genuine concern for human rights and our country are doing it for attention shows that “we” don’t care about “ourselves”. It is excepted of us to disregard and forget about events that aren’t on WorldStar (no shade). We can sit on twitter for hours at a time and talk about rappers with great concern,but when we talk about current events that DO effect our community it becomes a joke. Troy Davis is just ONE of MANY examples of the injustices that goes on in the black community. You all have uncles,brothers,cousins,and sons who are and will be effected by all of this and you don’t even know it! We live in a time where you have to protect your sons and little brothers from becoming a statistic. How many people do you know that are in jail or have been in jail serving way more time then the punishment of the crime they committed? How many people did you know in the past few years that died from the hands of another man? Exactly. To think that some of us aren’t connecting the dots between the number of black men in jail and our flawed law systems is scary.

Since a lot of black “men” on twitter let it be known they aren’t employed or in college and tweet about how they’re “getting money” I assume it’s by doing something illegal. (It’s too late to be the dope man, by the way.) Our generation acts like it has no idea that the law system is MADE to keep us down and you’re giving them exactly what they want. Ignorance. What makes anyone so special to where they can’t get caught up and put in jail just like Troy Davis? The law strives to put young black men in jail and yet no one can figure out why Troy Davis’ execution has effected so many people in the black community? There are thousands of thousands of black men sitting in jail whose punishment doesn’t match the crime. What is the difference in them and your little brother or cousin who is out here in the streets? Under the circumstances of Troy Davis’ case and execution, this could easily be anyone one of you or someone you know. But I guess if it’s not Boosie on death row no one pays attention. (Free Boosie!)

It is offensive and disrespectful to your own race to be publicly excited about a fight or a pair of Jordans and then turn around and down someone or question someones motives who is passionate about human and African American rights. Some of us are raising future felons unknowingly because we’re too caught up in the hype. Instead of teaching the youth how to fight,steal,and disrespect how about you teach them how to live in a world where the odds are already against them. Are the dots connecting yet? Troy Davis’ execution should have opened your eyes and made you realize at the least that we are living in a time where black men are targeted for things like this every day. Maybe it will take for YOU or one of YOUR family members to have their life taken away by the law to understand that it is an on going fight for justice in the black community and the flawed law system. It is beyond Troy Davis’ execution. It’s about the future of the black community and how we’re going to keep our people above water while they’re trying to drown us!

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