Who got next? A question all of the music fans are asking now that we are beginning to see music take a transformation welcoming “freshman” artist underground and mainstream. The answer is simple. Sylver Karatz is next to take the crown as a female entertainer swagging her way to the top! While everyone is trying to find their swag, Sylver Karatz has found hers and is using it to make a brand for her self and for her team!
Recently winning best female artist at the Ohio Hip Hop Awards and having grown up in Cincinnati, Sylver has always had an ear for music. She started off playing the drums in school and church along with other music activities, Sylver was well on her way to catching the ear and eye of other music lovers. Being a part of the Beat Gang music group legacy in Cincinnati and developing her rap skills, doors began to open for Sylver. With her signature song  titled “Pu$$y Swaggin”, Sylver becomes the first female to really capitalize on the swag movement. Sylver caught the attention of Soulja Boy and his team SODMG who also were heavy on the swag movement and she recorded “Freak” and “Addicted” with Ja- Bar of SODMG. Sylver began recording more and came with a few other equally catchy songs like “36 D’s” & “You Know What I Do With Cash” and it was clear she was on to something.
Grinding in the streets  with shows and club appearances along with networking on the internet Sylver Karatz started developing a bigger buzz for her self.  Now the First Lady of Yo Gotti’s camp I&E Sylver Karatz is taking off and not looking back. She has also developed a loyal fan base with numerous fan pages and a team that she calls #TeamPu$$ySwaggin. Trina has her Bad B*t%#es, Nicki Minaj has her Barbz so we guess it’s only right for Sylver to swag it out. Sylver Karatz talks to us about her mixtape coming out, how she met Yo Gotti, and of course why she’s “Ms. Immaculant I look good on accident.”
FBMExplain to us what ‘Pu$$y Swaggin’ is?
SK: I came up with the song beause everyone was making “swag” songs. Swag this, swag that so I was like no girl has made a swag song for the girls. So I was like I’m a girl, I got a pussy so I’m pussy swaggin’. It sounded good. It was catchy. If you’re a female and your swag is at an all time high! It really can be used in any way. It’s like whatever you’re doing as a female you’re swaggin’ it out. (laughs) I’m going strong with my Pu$$y Swaggin movement and I have a lot of younger girls who are now hitting me up on Twitter&Facebook. So I’m like I don’t want to say that all the time because I don’t want my 14/15 year old’s ‘pu$$y swaggin’. So my young girls are “$waggy” and I have shirts so now I have to get shirts made for the young girls. They’re “$waggy” or “I Look Good On Accident”.
FBMHow long have you been rapping?
SKI’ve always been into music. I played the drums growing up in school and in church. I can’t sing, but I sang on the praise dance team. I’ve been writing poems since I was young and then as I got older like 15/16 I started making raps instead of poems.
FBMHow did you end up meeting Yo Gotti and his camp I&E?
SKSK: First and foremost, me and ZedZilla were networking over twitter. He’s one of Yo Gotti’s artist. He sent me a song to get on. I murdered it. Gotti didn’t know about the song, this was in the summer of last year. In Decemeber ,Yo Gotti had a show in Cinncinati. He did a walk through at another club and I was there. I mean I was just there for my brother’s birthday. They played my song in the club and were like “Who is that? We like her.” They approached me and got my information. The next morning they called me and asked me to bring some more of my music.
FMB: Now that you’re working with I&E are you still with Beat Gang?
SK: I haven’t actually signed a deal yet. We are working that out, it’s in the process. I don’t really want to rush into anything,but those are my guys. I’m defiently with their movement. Beat Gang is definatly my team. Everyone has there own team even though I will be signed to I&E, Beat Gang are my guys.
FBM: What do you think your biggest struggle is trying to break through as a female artist?
SK: I’ve built relationships with big name artist in the music industry that already know me like Waka. That’s like big bro. The big thing is people that I already have a build relationship with mess with me because of my music, but guys I don’t know might be like, “Oh she’s pretty”. If you want to work with me for my music that’s cool,but not anything different. It’s like we’re in the same lane. We’re at work right now. We’re tryna get money. This is my grind. This is my job.
FBM: You’ve already been compared to Nicki Minaj. How do you feel about that?
SK: For me it’s like Nicki opened so many doors for women in the music industry because of her success. Because of her success it gives me a better chance for what I want to do. I think they’re more comparing our look with the bangs, but people have been wearing bangs. I don’t look like Nicki. We’re both beautiful women. We don’t look a like, we don’t rap a like,we don’t sound a like, but if you want to compare me to somebody that is great compare me to somebody who is great. I’m Sylver Karatz though.
FBM: What did you just do with GUTTA TV?
SK: GUTTA TV just dropped the DVD #5 it’s basically a come up DVD for hip hop in 2011. If you’re doing something you’re on it. Tittie Boy is the face of the DVD, it has Webbie, Rocko, Future, Sylver Karatz, Waka and Brick Squad. I’m the only female on it and the first female on it.
FBM: What’s the title of your mix tape and when is it coming out?
SK: The first mixtape is Pu$$y Swaggin: A Hustler’s Wife. That’s finished we’re just deciding on which DJ is going to host it. My second mixtape is Pu$$y Swaggin: Trophy Wife and that’s almost finished. I’m going to do a “Pu$$y Swaggin” series to keep the movement alive.
FBM: Who are some features on the mixtapes?
SK: Yo Gotti, fasho. ZedZilla, Ja-Bar SODMG, Waka Flocka, Beat Gang, Ericka P, and I’m still debating on a couple of songs.

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