Most people I talk to always comment on trainwreck being one of their favorite strains. After trying this Outdoor Trainwreck, I can definitely agree with them! This strain really does make you feel like a train hit you.

Strain: Outdoor Trainwreck
Type: Sativa Dominant
Pros : Powerful High
Cons: Mostly Heady

This strong sativa really is a punch to the face with a head-concentrated high. On top of this, it doesn’t leave the body heavy and slow. At first glance this bud doesn’t look like a rock star, but you will notice nice, long hairs that are covered in crystals. The sweet skunky smell also stuns the nose. And the light green colored leaves just makes it a great bud to gaze.
The high hits quickly in the face & head area and stays there for about two hours. I would also recommend some eye drops for this high, might experience some dryness or itchiness. The effects are pretty straight forward – smacks you in the face and stays there. The body isn’t really affected except for sporadic spots on the feet.
It took me a while to become a fan of trainwreck, but this strain has changed my opinion entirely. This mid-range bud sure does the trick when in search of a well-rounded sativa, it has exceeded expectations.

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