We See You Jockin Azie !!! (Snowman Talk Part.2) from Gasface on Vimeo.

In this part, he talks more about his drug game past, Jay-Z namedropping drug dealer Rich Porter, and his opinion on Paid in Full…all while they sat in front of the school where Rich Porter’s younger brother was kidnapped (which was depicted in the movie Paid in Full.)

“Some of these names I run from. ‘Yo, that used to be a kingpin. He’s a legend.’ Nah, I’m none of that. People look up to you for doing wrong. I try to tell these kids, stop looking up to the wrong heroes….that’s how I tried to write the first movie, trapped. Which they turned into Paid in Full. But to me that was Damien [sic] Dash and them trying to promote a rapper, Cam’ron. Alpo…..this story was supposed to say stop, repent, wake up young world…..its like if we throw something in the garbage, it might be worth billions. But if we put it in the garbage, we put it in the garbage for a reason….”

I can understand how the players in the real life story can feel like a movie manipulated their truth for the sake of Hollywood. That seems to be the case very often. Like the movie American Gangster was accused of blatantly bending facts too. But….as a viewer with half a brain watching Paid in Full; as “glamorous” as the heyday kinda sorta seemed, by the time the movie was over, I was pretty clear on how the lifestyle was a dead end. I guess some folks can’t be trusted to make that leap, but then I think they’ve got bigger problems than these movies.

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